Craig is a London based Freelance director of photography and lighting camera operator with over 10 years industry experience. working regularly  across a range of genres in broadcast tv and video production including brand films, documentary, promos, music video, sport and short film. In addition to camerawork Craig also has a wealth of experience in post production, frequently editing and colour grading the projects he has filmed on. 

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Craig is a versatile operator with the confidence and skills to consistently deliver high quality footage. he has great knowledge of all major video formats and specialises in 35mm format cameras. He also has experience working with gimbal stabilisers including the freely movi and dji ronin.



A wide variety of shoots has helped to craft Craig's lighting skills. he is comfortable lighting in any environment and can create the required look for the shoot. wether it's using available light, practical light or combinations he will always create the optimum look for the situation.


as well as operating a camera, craig also edits and colour corrects a number of his projects. being proficient in post production , enables a more efficient workflow and a better final product. colour correction is equally as important to capture the look and feel of the project and can transform an edit into something special.

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